The NDI technology, at the heart of our business

Visuals at Couleur 3

NDI ( Network Device Interface) is a royalty free standard enabling compatible products to share video, audio, and data across a local area network. Using refined encoding and communication, NDI allows systems, devices and applications to identify and communicate bi-directionally with one another over IP, and to encode, transmit, and receive multiple streams of high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video and audio in real time.

Visuals was engaged by RTS to design and supply Couleur 3 with a small production tool for video recording of radio programmes. At the heart of the system is the NewTek Tricaster TC-1 and NC-1 Studio I/O-Modul, using Panasonic PTZ Cameras. The Visuals team then built the whole system into a flight case, allowing it to be transported and set up quickly and easily by one person in situations where space is at a premium.

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